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Below you can find an alphabetic listing of all artists who are mentioned on this homepage, either in all directories or in any subdirectories.


artist / group title format live studio other
Allen, Jon sweet defeat album   x  
America back pages album   x  
Anderson, John country <compilation> album      
  country legends <compilation> album      
  encore collection, the <compilation> album      
  essential, the <compilation> album      
  greatest hits <compilation> album      
  John Anderson - all American country <compilation> album      
  paradise album   x  
  seminole wind album   x  
  super hits <compilation> album      
  when it comes to you single   x  
Armatrading, Joan best – drop the pilot <compilation> album      
  love & affection <compilation> album      
  master series <compilation> album      
  millenium edition <compilation> album      
  shouting stage, the album   x  
  shouting stage, the [modified version] single   x  
  very best of Joan Armatrading, the <compilation> album      
  willow : the Joan Armatrading collection <compilation> album      
Ashton, Susan q.v. various artists? ??        
Atkins, Chet essential Chet Atkins : the Columbia years, the <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  magic of Chet Atkins, the <compilation> album      
  pickin' the hits <compilation> album      
  playlist: the very best of Chet Atkins <compilation> album      
Atkins C.G.P., Chet Chet Atkins C.G.P. album   x  
  Chet picks on the grammys <compilation> album      
  please stay tuned single   x  
  read my licks album   x  
  sails album   x  
  stay tuned album   x  
Atkins, Chet [C.G.P.]
and Friends
Chet Atkins Certified Guitar Player video x    
  collection video x    
  live video x    
  music from the heart video x    
Atkins C.G.P., Chet
& Jerry Reed
sneakin' around album   x  
Attenborough, David state of the planet (TV documentary) video      
Auerbach, Dan waiting on a song album   x  
Aztec Camera all I need is everything [remix, latin version] single     x
  all I need is everything [modified version] single     x
  best of Aztec Camera, the <compilation> album      
  birds single     x
  covers & rare <compilation> album      
  deep and wide and tall<compilation> album      
  how men are single     x
  knife album      
  somewhere in my heart [modified version] single     x
  still on fire single     x
  walk out to winter : the best of Aztec Camera <compilation>


artist / group title format live studio other
Barber, Chris memories of my trip album x    
Bennett, Brian shadowing John Barry album   x  
Bennett, Richard themes from a rainy decade album     x
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings just for a thrill album   x  
  best of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, the <compilation> album      
Black, Clint hits <compilation> album      
  nothin' but the taillights album   x  
  playlist: the very best of clint black <compilation> album      
Block, Rory ain't I a woman album   x  
  faithless world [modified version] single   x  
Blue Highway Marbletown album     x
Botti, Chris impressions album   x  
Brady, Paul blue world single   x  
  crazy dreams single   x  
  dancer in the fire : a Paul Brady anthology <compilation> album      
  game of love, the album   x  
  long goodbye, the single   x  
  paradise is here single   x  
  primitive dance album   x  
  Vicar St. sessions vol. 1, the album x    
Bramblett, Randall devil music album   x  
Brewers Droop booze brothers, the album   x  
Brown, Greg freak flag album   x  
Brown, Pieta freeway album   x  
  mercury album   x  
  postcards album   x  
Buffett, Jimmy songs from St. Somewhere album   x  
  take the weather with you album   x  
Burch, Paul east to west album   x  


artist / group title format live studio other
Carpenter, Mary Chapin q.v. (?) various artists tribute to tradition        
Carstensen, Dee beloved one album   x  
Chieftains, The long black veil, the album   x  
Christopher, Ted q.v. (?) various artists Dunblane        
Clapton, Eric cream of Eric Clapton, the <compilation> video x    
Clapton, Eric & Friends breeze : an appreciation of JJ Cale, the album   x  
Clements, Rod q.v. (?) Lindisfarne burried treasures vol. 3        
Croker, Brendan great indoors, the album   x  
  Kershaw sessions, the album   x  
  not just a Hillbilly…more like a best of Brendan Croker <compilation> album      
  running on down this road single   x  
  there'll come a day [modified version] single   x  
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O'Clock Shadows Brendan Croker & The 5 O'Clock Shadows album   x  
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O'Clock Shadows EP single x    
  no money at all single x x  
Crosby, David croz album   x  


artist / group title format live studio other
Dandy Warhols, The to the Dandy Warhols... album   x  
DeMent, Iris wastleland of the free single   x  
  way I should, the album   x  
DeVille, Willy q.v. (?) Mink Deville, q.v. Knopfler, Mark & ... angel eyes single   x  
  assassin of love single   x  
  assassin of love [modified version] single   x  
  miracle album   x  
  miracle single   x  
DeVille, Willy & Mink DeVille collected 1976 - 2009 <compilation (1) (2) (3)> album      
Dolby, Thomas Amerikana EP single   x  
  map of the floating city, a album   x  
Duolian String Pickers, The q.v. (?) Phillips, Steve          
Dylan, Bob 70s, the <compilation> album      
  animals single   x  
  animals single   x  
  best of Bob Dylan <compilation (1) (2) (3)> album      
  best of Bob Dylan, the (1) <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  best of Bob Dylan, the (2) <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  best of Bob Dylan, the vol. 2 <compilation> album      
  best of the best : platin, the <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  best of the best : platinum, the <compilation> album      
  beyond here lies nothin' <compilation> album      
  biograph <compilation> album      
  blues <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  Bob Dylan's greatest hits, vol. 3 <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  Bob Dylan's greatest hits, vol. 3 : CD Extra <compilation (1) (2)> album      
  bootleg series, the vol. 1-3 album   x  
  deep Dylan <compilation> album      
  down in the groove album   x  
  Dylan <compilation (1) (2) (3)> album      
  Dylan ga rock <compilation> album      
  Dylan revisited - all time best <compilation> (1) (2) (3) album