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basic information

release date unknown
country of manufacture Holland [Cass.], Germany [CD, LP]
label Polydor
catalog no. 843 921-4 [Cass.], 843 921-2 [CD], 843 921-1 [LP]
format 2 Cass.³, 2 CD, 2 LP
note of registration P1990 Silver Clef Enterprises Ltd. ©1990 Silver Clef Enterprises Ltd.
recording Advision Mobile
mastering Chris Buchanan (Abbey Road Studios, London)
production Chris Kimsley, Steve Smith
credits n/a


Mark Knopfler guitars, vocals
John Illsley 5) bass
Guy Fletcher 5) keyboards
Alan Clark 5) keyboards
Greg Phillinganes keyboards
Phil Palmer 5) guitar
Eric Clapton guitar
Ray Cooper drums, percussion
Steve Ferrone drums
Katie Kissoon backing vocals
Tessa Niles backing vocals
Elton John piano, vocals
Nathan East bass

tracks [CD]

2.2 sunshine of your love [11:48]
2.3 (I) think I love you too much [5:58] 7)
2.4 money for nothing [6:47] 7)
2.5 sad songs (say so much) [5:31]
2.6 saturday night's all right (for fighting) [4:56]


³ source: database by Wolf-Dieter Mattick

Live at Knebworth June 30th, 1990

The American edition (# 847 044-4) of this double-album features - in contrast to the European editions - a different track listing: 2.2 sunshine in your love, 2.3 think I love you too much, 2.4 sad songs (say so much), 2.5 saturday night's all right (for fighting)
It does not comprise the track (song) "money for nothing".

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also available (with another CD title and same track listing):
live at Knebworth

cover year country of manufacture format label catalog no. note of registration
2010 Germany 2 CD³ eagle records EDGCD410 (P) 1990 Silver Clef Productions Ltd. licensed to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd. (C) 1990 Silver Clef Productions Ltd.
2010 Japan 2 CD eagle records / Ward Records VQCD-10171.2
(P) + (C) 1990 Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

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    Singaporean, Malasian, Chinese (Hong Kong) edition ³
    label: Polydor catalog no.: 843 921-4 note of registration: ℗1990 Silver Clef Enterprises Ltd. 1990 Silver Clef Enterprises Ltd.

I think I love you too much (I) think I love you too much Knebworth 1990 : the television event ; radio version international Knebworth : the album    
CDs³ Vinyl 7"   Vinyl 12"    
# CDP 330 [U.S.] # KNEBWORTH 2 [Spain]   [U.S.]    

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