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Let You guide on these pages into the strange and fascinating aesthetics of the Deindustrialisierung in Europe and North America as well as cultural and natural landscapes and some special photagraphic topics. The main contents are:

[ Industrial Archaeology ] ( Industriekultur ) 
Photographs of abandoned (but also still working) industrial plants as blast furncaces, textile mills, steel works, pits and canals, havens. Some of these objects are now demolished. You will find the countries Gewrmany, Netherlands, Belgium, Litauen, Lettland, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, USA, Canada

[ Research Travels] ( Exkursionen ) 
You will find also reports on special journeys to the industrial history of some regions like Bourgogne, Sweden, Moravia, Upper Silesia and Lower Silesia, Middle Germany, Switzerland.

[ Ruhr Region ] ( Ruhrgebiet )

[ Foto
You will find galleries to photographic topics such as enclosures and fences, jewish and christian cemeteries, transformer- houses, dog excrement, fire-brigade- houses, ruins of industrial plants.

[ industry@night
Night- Photographs of industrial landscapes in the Ruhr- Emscher Region, Northrhine Westfalia and surrounding areas

[ Other ] [ Sonstiges ]

- You will find a virtual Souvenirshop to industrial archaeology ;-) and some thoughts to

- why at all photograph industrial culture?

- the best of two worlds: Chemical photography and digital picture handling, archiving and - publishing

We ask for understanding that these pages are available to a large extent only in German language. More is not at present possible with a honorary project.

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locations overview  .

Since 15.07.2007 exhibition of typology, sequences and  patterns of industrial heritage (still in progress).

see also galleries in Industriekultur-Fotografie as well as in  FotoCommunity .


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