Lira Kay

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Sabina Ivascu
Lira Kay
Dorothee Mügge
Joas Sebastian Nebe
Andrei Dragoi (Filmmusic)
Anton Şuteu (Filmmusic)
Philipp Marian Schmidt (Filmmusic)

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CV Lira Kay


Lira Kay was born in St. Petersburg. Before moving to England, as well as studying Art, she graduated as a psychologist and teacher and also worked for a local television company as a news reporter and presenter.

She has actively participated in several art projects, including workshops, teaching Art and exhibiting in Contemporary Art galleries and museums in Estonia, England and France.
She have won the Regional Prize at The Discerning Eye Exhibition at The Mall Gallery in 2005 in London. Had been working in Kensington and Chelsea College studios in 2006-2007.
Since March 2008 lives in Marseille, France and runs a Marseille Project Gallery with seasonal art exhibitions and film screenings. For the last year Lira is concentrating on making short films the main theme for which is womanhood.

Lira Kay’s films are rooted in deep reflectiveness, and it is of significance that her educational background includes the study of Psychology. She also uses meditative techniques to evoke the deep energies which underpin her work,
particularly her approach to use of music and sound.