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CV Alberto Guerreiro

Lisbon. Portugal.
b. Luanda (Angola). 27 August 1969.
Video artist and curator. Sampler.

Adress: P.O. Box 51 – 2461-901 Alcobaça - Portugal


Portuguese African-native video artist and curator in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2006,
started a long-term visual conceptual project: a work in progress that includes
single-channel video, explorations of archive film, experimental movies and
conceptual photography. Also the founder and main curator of the Freedom of Choice
International Video project, which, in 2008, took place in the cities of Lisbon,
Istanbul and Yerevan.


Not being a “pure-artist, chooses the term sampler to identify himself and his work
better: a term derived from the Latin ‘exemplum’ (example) and a process following
a pattern range that goes from a simple sample to the creation of a complex new
thing (a brand new parallel world of color and feeling).

Art Project and Method of Things

The art project started in 2006 materializing visual experiences involving the re-
treatment of moving images (video-cut editing or video loop process using found
footage) and also the use of soundscapes and original music: through the
collaboration with the Portuguese musician and sound engineer António Bragança.
After that, mostly since 2008, the art project has been following new approaches.

Basically, the conceptual outline goes from the political visual essay (violence in
history) to a deeper more introspective way, like expressing the Freudian
psychoanalysis (Eros and Thanatos complex) or going into Nietzsche’s philosophy

Aesthetically is inspired in two close-related modern and post-modern movements:
surrealism (language) and pop art (technique). It is also assumed a strong link –
formal and informal – to the history of cinema.

More recently jumps to another step by using original shooting and going into fiction
and experimental narrative work with mixing projects involving literature-
photography-film evoking inner and outer feelings.

In 2008 was invited to join two international collaborative video-art projects:
Exquisite Corpse (ECVP) and Human Emotion Project (HEP). Inside those groups has
been creating several collaborative video works – authoring partnership or by solo –
then used in worldwide screening events and in gallery installations.

As a video-art curator founds and manages the Freedom of Choice International
Video project – a kind of festival based on the subject of freedom of choice, peace
and human rights - held in December 2008, simultaneously in Portugal, Turkey and
Armenia. By the same time assume also the curatorship of the Human Emotion
Project in Portugal, managing already exhibitions in two state museums for 2009.

Meanwhile, the art project maintains a prolific international recognition with works
been screen, exhibit and broadcast (TV), in-door and out-door events, all over the
world, mainly in festivals, museums, independent galleries or art spaces: Portugal
(Lisbon, Alcobaça, Caldas-da-Rainha), Spain (Madrid, Valladolid, Cordoba), The
Netherlands (The Hague), France (Paris), Turkey (Istanbul), Armenia (Yerevan), USA
(New York, Providence, Berkeley, San Francisco), Australia (Melbourne), Sweden
(Stockholm, Eskilstuna), Brazil (Aracaju, Sao Paolo), Georgia (Villa Garikula),
Denmark (Copenhagen), China (Macao), Italy (Rome), UK (London) and the
upcoming event in Italy (Turim) and Germany (Cologne and Berlin).

Video-cut method:
The process consists in the cut and re-assembly of video frames, copied from the
original and inserted later in a completely distinct approach.

Exhibitions and Screenings – as video artist

Youth Week, Adaes Bermudes, Alcobaça (Portugal)
VideoDrome, Office Club, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal)
Rainbow Serpent Festival. Melbourne. Australia.

TdG at Bacalhoeiro: out door event, Casa dos Bicos Park, Lisbon (Portugal)
Streaming Festival, The Hague (Netherlands)
Rainbow Serpent Festival, Video Lounge, Melbourne (Australia)
Plankton, Pink Poseidon, Paris (France)

FocFest, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon (Portugal);
FocFest, Ciplak Ayaklar Studio, Istanbul (Turkey);
FocFest, NPAK / ACCEA – Armenian Center of Contemporary Art, Yerevan (Armenia).
Monkey Town, Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York (USA)
Streaming Festival, The Hague (Netherlands)
The AZAshortFILMfestival, Athens, (Greece)
Alucine international short film festival, Toronto (Canada)
Núcleo de Produção Digital Orlando Vieira, Aracaju (Brazil)


Video Dia Loghi, Velan Center for Contemporary Art, Turim (Italy) – upcoming
MADATAC - I Open Mostra of Contemporary Audiovisual Art, Madrid (Spain) – upcoming
ACT ART, Hidden Club. London (UK)
HEP China, AFA, Beijing and Macau (China)
HEP Portugal, Jose Malhoa Museum, Caldas-da-Rainha (Portugal)
Fish Eye Experimental Film and Video Festival, Rome (Italy)
HEP Denmark, Valby Kulturhus, Copenhagen (Denmark)
HEP, Optica Festival, Madrid (Spain)
HEP, Optica Festival, Paris (France)
Community Screening Center, Berkeley (USA)
HEP, Optica Festival, Cordoba (Spain)
Artists Television Access, San Francisco (USA)
Fest i Nova, Villa Garikula (Georgia)
HEP Sweden, Formverk, Eskiltuna (Sweden)
Head Quarters, Melbourne (Australia)
Zero Filme. Estaleiro Cultural Velha-a-Branca. Braga (Portugal)
Zero Filme. Trama Bookstore. Lisbon (Portugal)
I HEP Portugal, Ceramic Museum, Caldas-da-Rainha (Portugal)
HEP Spain, LaSala at Cigüñuela, Valladolid (Spain)
HEP Australia, Guildford Lane Gallery, Melbourne (Australia)
AS220 Gallery, Providence (USA)
Gen XY, Vera Cruz (México)
The Lupa Art, Melbourne (Australia)
Formverk at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm (Sweden)
Formverk, Eskilstuna (Sweden)

Encyclopedic Cartoons Exhibition, White Rabbit Gallery, Berlin (Germany) – upcoming

Television (as video artist):

24/10/2008 – X-machina broadcast in Canal Autor, Transfera TV Program 24: "Wars,
Politics and Fakes", Madrid (Spain)

Exhibitions and Screenings – as curator

FocFest, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon (Portugal)
FocFest, Ciplak Ayaklar Studio, Istanbul (Turkey)
FocFest, NPAK / ACCEA – Armenian Center of Contemporary Art, Yerevan (Armenia)

II Hep Portugal, José Malhoa Museum, Caldas-da-Rainha (Portugal)
I Hep Portugal, Ceramic Museum Garden: out door event, Caldas-da-Rainha

Television (as curator):

8, 13, 15 and 20 /05/2009 – Canal Autor, Transfera TV Program 33: “FocFest
Retrospective”, Madrid (Spain)

Publication (contribution):

Chang, Michael (Editor). Exquisite Corpse Video Project: Volume 1. Excorpse 1 to 6.
ECVP Group. Denmark. 2008.
Review (authoring):
O Olho Laminado/ The Blade Eye Cut. The video Art as one last expression of a
poetic language. Revista Big Ode. Poesia e Imagem. N. º 7. Portuguese and English.
Barreiro. Portugal. July 2009
DVD Compilation (Contribution):
Zero Filme. Sublime (w/ video Passage). 2009. Portugal.
Art Group Member
ECVP – Exquisite Corpses Video Project: video artist.
A collaboration project group created by the Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela inspired by
the Surrealist invention of the "Exquisite Corpse", a method of sequential,
collaborative image production.
HEP - Human Emotion Project: video artist and invited curator
A project generated by Alison Williams which invites international artists using
film/video to interpret human emotion visually for global screenings. Invited curators
are responsible for selections per screening country.
Project Manager and Founder
FocFest - Freedom of Choice Around the Globe
A worldwide festival and tour event committed to bringing to the public quality
creative art movies with civic and intervention assent, promoting the ideals of peace,
freedom, open society, tolerance, political and cultural pluralism within a global
Danger Art Rage Erotic – Video Art International – upcoming to 2010.
A global video art project exploring the aesthetical notion of the limit of video art. A
conceptual art screening program composed by invited artists materializing works on
the issue of radical beauty.

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