GULF PROJECTS. From Dark to Light
Exhibition projects in Europe and the Arabian gulf countries (2009-2010).

>>Two times nominated for the first-ever "Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts awards" by Dubai Culture to honour path-breaking arts patronage.<<

To push an independent project like GULF PROJECTS two years in a couple of countries in two different cultures seems to be impossible. The Project is dealing with a group of the hottest topics of human society in times of changing political, economic and social developments. Thousands of visitors on our live performances and exhibitions, from beginning just till 2011. 0ver 22.000 visitors on this website, more than 200.000 people interested in our different web-information.
It can be said: the goal was noticed to set a salient inication of respect betweeen the cultures.
But one desire is remaining: The passive attitude of the authorities may change.

We like to thank all visitors, who have demonstrated their interest, of course all participated artists and all sponsors and partners.

A global world has to lead to more communication between people. Their is a need for freedom and apparent affluence for all people. This has to be accepted. To proceed this process successfully it reqires actually and among themselves understanding about cultures. The Gulf region is representative for the dynamic process of identity identification.
The art-project: 'GULF PROJECTS - From Dark to Light', based on a early concept of the art theoretician and artist Georgios Orestis Safiriou. In co-operation with Michael Jansen, Astra art-production, Mahmoud Mirzaie, Eva Ohlow, Padlt Noidlt, Helmut G. Tollmann, Heinz Zolper and further artists exhibitions and actions are made within the period 2009 - 2010 in the Gulf region, Near East, in Germany and other countries. Cultural partner of the project is the Artforum Culture Foundation with additional support by the Goethe institutes. Generously loans are given by Dr. Norbert Winter and the Winter Foundation. Art Culture Social Involvement, Hamburg.

The basic idea of the projects is to create a starting point on the uneasiness, which proceeds also from the common one in western and Arab culture, for a respectful argument. This concept, independently developed since beginning of the eighties by Safiriou and Jansen, is an effective way to overcome today again the predominating lack of communication between the cultures. A main condition will be the public presence of the cultural dialogue.
In the Arabic language the term Hiwar - in English dialogue - signifies peaceful exchange of ideas, opinions or information through wordy/wordless interdisciplinary interaction.
Remark: Just in view of the current revolutionary movements in the Arab area it is confirmed how neccessary this dialogue is for interior and external relationships.

(c) 2008 Michael Jansen | GULF PROJECTS. Artforum Culture Foundation
No progress of the cultures without economic basic conditions - and also no economic prosperity in the long term without cultural reciprocal effect. But nobody can know therefore, how the cultural potentials distribute themselves. This is a further approach of the concept. ' From Dark ton of Light'.

GULF PROJECTS refers also to the project variety in the Gulf region and its model-character. The incomplete, the fresh developing, the multiple mix under the pressure of time and market leaves perhaps only further cultural profanity to develop, but perhaps in addition, something, which is synthetic in the best sense.

Artists of all disciplines and art institutions - as well as companies , who are interested for more respectfully intercultural communication - are heartly invited to co-operate.

Gulf Projects had started with an event and exhibition in co-operation with Goethe-Institute Düsseldorf.

"I hope that many more exhibitions will encourage further exchanges of knowledge between Europe and the Middle East, as, at their best, the Orientalists themselves once did." Philip Mansel | 4.2.09 | Issue 199 | The Art Newspaper

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The catalogue "Opening the dialog" (german) is available on request (8,00 EUR / signed 25,00 EUR + postage)


"Opening the dialog". Exhibition with works by Michael Jansen, Mahmoud Mirzaie, Eva Ohlow
Goethe-Institute Düsseldorf | Immermannstrasse 65 (opposite the main station) | 40210 Düsseldorf |
Vernissage on thursday, 2. april 2009, 11:00. The artists are present .

Green Fighter
Works by Michael Jansen.
Galerie Andreas Brüning | Josephinenstr. 15 | 40212 Düsseldorf |
Start 2.april 2009

Art before and after the millenium - Gerhard Richter and Helmut G. Tollmann.
Hegau-Bodensee-Galerie | Ekkehardstr. 101 | 78224 Singen |
1.march - 19.april 2009

Reaction - free art | art actions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Iran.
Start 25.april 2009

Art of calligraphy
Mahmood Mirzaie
Huntenkunst | Artists fair | Internationaal podium voor hedendaagse Kunst.
9.may - 10.may 2009

MetroMusic Dubai >< Abu Dhabi.
Michael Jansen, concepts for artificial landscapes. Projects-nights I: Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, Thessaloniki, Athens
10.july - 8.august 2009

Cosmic Prayer - Lord's Prayer.
Helmut G. Tollmann, Light-sound-installation. featuring Brainstorm by James Horner, played by the London Synfony Orchestra. | Singen | in co-operation with Artforum Culture Foundation, Hegau Bodensee-Gallery-, ArtExpert and cath. curch Singen |
Hegau-Museumsnacht 2009
19.september 2009

Heaven's talk #1
Artist Muhammed Gallini. Influence on faith and social competence to our daily life and culture and vice versa.
Crane building-waterfront: Cologne | Cathedral| Rail station: Cologne | Airport: Frankfurt, | Parthenon: Athens | Blue Mosque: Istanbul
17. - 25. september

Spiritual Blue
Paintings by Kalleh Dare Eraghi
Caroussel du Louvre, Paris

Heaven's talk #2
Artist Muhammed Gallini & Friends
Performances. Desert: Rub al-Chali | Water-crossing: Dubai Creek, Dubai UAE
15. - 26. october

Remember my life
Concept-artist Numair. Performance at the holy places Olympos and Jabal Sawda
Participants: Abdul-Hafiz , Abdul-Khaliq , Jameel Karim, Numair Safiy al Usamah
Olympos, Greece | Jabal Sawda, Saudi Arabia
15 july| 31.december

Presentation of the 1st Editionsbox by >>Gulf Projects. From Dark to Light.<<
Artfair Miami
Artforum Gallery, Thessaloniki, in co-operation with Artforum Culture Foundation
2. - 6. december

Common rules to dominate the world
Astra. Legibus solutus
Corniche, Doha, Qatar | Gaia art space, Thessaloniki | Art fair, Miami
december 2009 – march 2010

Exhibition and symposium
11. -14. february 2010

Colour up your mind
New expressive abstract paintings
by Astra, Abdullah Said, Kalleh Dare Eraghi
Mombay | Dubai | Kuwait
08. - 25. march 2010

Astra. The role of communication and architecture for a future concept.
Development and design-creation of Power Tower² - the highest building ever -as a pan-continental symbol of human culture.
The drawings will be part of the Artforum edition GULF#2

THE COLOUR GREEN. Tales about Hope, Hate and Paradise.
Multimediaworks by Michael Jansen & Astra.
Treibhaus Galerie, Düsseldorf | Kokkinis Artspace, Athens| artgallery, Beirut | GlobalArab Centres - privateview, UAE | Privateview, Basel
Start 05. june 2010

FREEDOM. Intercultural studies.
Paintings, scetches, video, sculptures.
Project-exhibitions: Athens | Istanbul | Dubai | Kuwait | Basel
Sart 21. october 2010

GULF PROJECTS. Photographs, scetches and dialogue. Loans by Dr. Winter|Winter Foundation, Hamburg
Artforum, Thessaloniki | IC Kunstsalon, Cologne
04. december 2010 - 15.01.january 2011

17.01..2011 | 30.04.2011

From Dark to Light
c/o Artforum Culture Foundation
Thessaloniki-Athens-New York-Cologne


GULF PROJECTS is supported by the following sponsors & partners:
Winter Foundation, Hamburg
Koenig & Bauer AG, Radebeul
S+P GmbH, Düsseldorf
KonsultS Marketing Concepts, Cologne-Athens-Cairo
Goethe Institut, Düsseldorf
Goethe Institut Gulf region, Abu Dhabi
ArtExpert. Fine art experts
Hegau-Bodensee-Galerie, Singen
Tsatsis Projects, Thessaloniki

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