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Documentary films since 1969
Independent productions and contract work
Prodcuer - International Coproductions

Filmemacher seit 1969
Freie Produktionen und Auftragsarbeiten
Producer - Internationale Koproduktionen

Hubert-Jedin-Str. 32 | 53123 Bonn



Born 1944 in Silesia (now Poland), my mother escaped in 1945 with me and my brother and two sisters to West Germany. My childhood and youth I spent in Kalletal, a small village about 80 kilometres West of Hanover (Hannover). After having passed my a-levels (Abitur) in Lemgo, province of Lippe, North-Rhine-Westphalia I studied social sciences in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Montpellier, France and Leicester, England. In 1969 I made my first contacts with film by joining Cinema Action in London where I trained film making for two years. Back in Germany I worked for three years on the shop floor of two chemical factories, was elected shop steward (Betriebsrat) in Dortmund and became a trade union activist in Frankfurt/M. In 1974 I continued my professional formation at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin (dffb) and at the same time initiated Arbeit und Film e.V. in Frankfurt/M. Managing this association I worked as producer, director, cameraman, soundman, editor, and distributor producing and presenting films for the German trade union movement. Since 1977 I have been doing contract work for German television (ZDF and WDR): producing and directing documentaries and art films. For KANAL 4 I created two long running TV series: Startloch and European Video Dance. The latter sparked off my long standing collaboration with the Finnish film artist Kimmo Koskela of Koskela Art & Media House, Helsinki. After having done independent productions of short fiction films and a feature documentary, in 1993, I set up own independent film company Picture Pan Production GmbH involving more contract work for TV, Public Radio, regional government, institutions, trade unions, etc. Since 2005 I am working as freelance producer, journalist and consultant.
I was co-founder of the German Documentary Filmmakers Association (agdok) and have presented German films abroad on behalf of the Goethe-Institute.
Several of my productions have been awarded both at home and abroad.