Der kenianischen Läufer Daniel Muturi Wahome - The Kenyan Runner Daniel Muturi Wahome
These are only some shots of my footage in a very rough cut of the very talented Kenyan runner Muturi Daniel Wahome who lives in the near of Nyahururu near to the Rift Valley area in Kenya. He is training every day for 3.000 and 5.000 metres. His running times are very good and so he hopes to find a sponsor in Europe or USA, so that he can make his sport at these places. If you are interested or know how to help him write to .

2nd video in this videoplayer (click first the second little image on the right side): The Kenyan runner Daniel Muturi Wahome answered to questions in a first short interview at the 24th December 2006 in the near of Nyahururu in the Kenyan highland